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Tools & Strategies 

Looking for great ideas and solutions? Delve into the Mount Airy Main Street Resource Center and explore our comprehensive digital library containing a broad range of member resources, including the Main Street America Main Street Approach handbooks and guides, newly released revitalization tool-kits, and much more.  

Main Street Approach Handbooks and Guides 

Fallen Leaves

Board Member's

Learn the process of running a board, gaining public and private support, recruiting strategic members, and more.


Organization Committee Handbook

Learn about Main Street fundraising, volunteer recruitment and retention, program promotion and advocacy, and more.

London Street

Design Committee Handbook

Learn how to capitalize on your community’s best assets and create an inviting atmosphere through building improvements, and more.

Christmas Market

Promotions Committee

Learn key aspects of how to define your Main Street’s image, promote local businesses, host special events, and more.

Friends Shopping

Economic Restructuring  Handbook

Learn how to strengthen existing businesses and recruit new ones, encourage investment in through financial incentives, and more.

Sidewalk Cafe

Marketing an Image for Main Street

Learn how to evaluate your existing assets, develop a market position, and “sell” your Main Street to shoppers, visitors, and residents. 

View timed presentation, "A New Era of Opportunity for Main Street," by Tom Fiddler,
MacKenzie Retail by Clicking Below. Download the Slide Show as a PDF

A New Era of Opportunity for Main Streets

MAIN STREET AMERICA VIDEO SERIES - Find Featured Videos and More on MSA YouTube Channel

Check out this series of videos on the power of Main Street’s potential: to revive local economies, bring communities together, and forge the future for cities and towns across the country. We encourage you to share!

Main Street America ...
Main Street empowers communities to set their own destinies. Across the country, thousands of communities have used the Main Street Approach to set transform their economies, leverage local leadership, and improve overall quality of life.

Teaser available here.

The Main Street Approach™ offers community-based revitalization initiatives with a practical, adaptable framework for downtown transformation that is easily tailored to local conditions. The Main Street Approach helps communities get started with revitalization, and grows with them over time.

Since 1980, Main Street America programs have generated over $74 billion in reinvestment, 138,000 net new businesses, 614,000 net new jobs and 276,000 building rehabilitations. Learn why Main Streets are often a community’s single biggest competitive advantage.

The Main Street America Network helps to breathe new life into the places people call home. Learn more about this powerful movement of organizations, individuals, volunteers, and local leaders making a difference in small towns, mid-sized cities and urban areas across the country.

Grass Roots Network ... The reason that Main Street is so successful is because of the local leaders on the ground. The Main Street America Network is comprised of some of the most enthusiastic, passionate, committed people you'll ever find. Learn more about this nationwide movement of community changemakers.

UrbanMain, a new program of the National Main Street Center, offers a new set of community-driven economic development services to help under-resourced older and historic neighborhood commercial districts restore economic vitality and promote quality of life.

How Story Saved the Nation's Main Street by Mary Means. (with a group of storytellers).  Much of the success in launching and sustaining Main Street has been  due to story, and that storytelling has been central to my career.
~ Mary Means, Mary Means
& Associates
(Mary was one of the  founders
of the Main Street America project over 40 years ago.)

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