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Patapsco Bicycles Announces Free Bike Check at Mount Airy Main Street Farmers' Market on Sept. 18

Bicycle Safety Check at Mount Airy Main Street Farmers Market Wednesday September 18 3-7PM

Mount Airy, MD . September 14, 2019 | Patapsco Bicycles and the Mount Airy Main Street Farmers' Market have partnered up to bring a Free Bicycle Safety Check to the marketplace on Wednesday, September 18th, 3-7pm.

It goes without saying that your safety is essential. Patapsco Bicycles prides itself on knowing how to keep your bike in top condition. Like any mode of transport your bike needs to be looked after and regularly checked for wear and tear. That's where Patapsco Bicycles comes in!

Patapsco Bicycles will check your bike at the Mount Airy Main Street Farmers' Market on Wednesday, September 18th. This includes checking for wear, damage and ensuring your bike is safe to ride. Expertly trained bike mechanics will provide you with a free bike check to spot any problems before they develop into bigger ones. They will check all bikes including all kids and adults bikes and types such as full suspension mountain bikes or electric bikes.

What does Patapsco Bicycles check?

With their free bike check they will inspect points across all key areas of your bike. These include:

  • Frame, Saddle & Handlebar

  • Wheels; including Tires, Rims, Spokes and Hubs

  • Brake system; including Levers, Calipers, Pads and Cables / Hoses

  • Drivetrain; including Gears, Levers, Chain, Bottom Bracket, Cranks and Cables

What happens?

Patapsco will carry out what is called an ‘Safety Check’ on the above areas, checking the bike thoroughly from top to bottom and assessing all elements for signs of wear, damage or adjustment requirements.

This will either confirm that your bike is in good condition to continue riding, or it will determine if any maintenance or service is required in order to maintain safe and efficient cycling. If they spot a problem that requires a service they can check in your bike right then so it can be repaired by one of their fully qualified mechanics.

Patapsco Bicycles is located adjacent to the Mount Airy Main Street Farmers' Market in the Railyard at 5 North Main Street Mt. Airy, MD 21771 and can be found on the web at


The Mount Airy Main Street Farmers' Market was formed in 2007 and is a production of the Mount Airy Main Street Association in partnership with the Town of Mount Airy.   The 2019 Mount Airy Main Street Farmers' Market runs on Wednesdays, May 15-September 25, 2019,  3 - 7 p.m. It is located in the historic Town of Mount Airy, Maryland in the Railyard behind the historic Mount Airy Train Station at 3 North Main Street, Mount Airy, MD 21771. To learn about the Mount Airy Main Street Farmers' Market, please visit or follow us on  Facebook.

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