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Join Us for Super Saturday: Support Local by Staying Local, A Scroll Through Event May 16, 10AM-6PM

Updated: May 4, 2020

Mount Airy, MD . May 1, 2020 | The Town of Mount Airy and Mount Airy Main Street Association (MAMSA) present a day long Virtual Facebook event where we are creating a virtual platform to highlight all of the local stores, services, music, and restaurants in Town. Super Saturday, a scroll through Facebook event, is a first for the town! By teaming up with local businesses and nonprofits, we hope to encourage our community to come together and support local now more than ever! If you have questions, please email or leave us a voicemail on the MAMSA line at 240-772-1141! WE need YOU to participate as a Business! Here are the simple steps to participate: 1. By no later than Thursday, May 7th, please click on the Facebook event and make sure to list yourself as "Attending": (If you don’t have a Facebook page, move onto step 2.)

2. Brainstorm ideas and plan a video that will highlight your business and will be featured on the page during the event. The Town and MAMSA will be uploading it as Facebook LIVE content. Email videos to See video ideas below in the Programming/Concept for Live Feed examples.

3. You will also be able to post content to the event page, that we will approve during the event to show up on the page!

We have event promotions to attract and retain customers throughout the daylong event. Event Promotions for Customers and Event Participants Super Saturday Raffle: Four shoppers who submit their receipts online for purchase(s) made on Saturday, May 16, 2020, in value of $25 or greater will win $250.00 from one of the businesses they chose to shop! Day Long Scavenger Hunt: Play "I Spy" to enter to win a gift cards from a local business! Food Selfie Contest: Take a picture of your restaurant meal and upload to event page. Random winners chosen throughout the day will get gift cards to local restaurants!

Programming/Concepts for Live Feed

This list is just suggestive, we are looking for creativity! If you want to feature something else in your video, make it happen! All videos will be screened, so keep content family friendly!


Restaurant Spotlights:

Highlight yourselves, say hi, and go over specials.

Cooking Classes/Demos

Trunk Shows:

Local boutiques could have exclusive savings and sales

Appearances Matter:

Hair/nail places could do a segment on tip to save your hair/nails during this time of mess...etc.  Plus how to support your local barber if they are closed; i.e., buy gift cards.  

Car Talk:

Have one classic car that you give a virtual tour. Maybe highlight maintenance things that people could do at home or something along those lines.


Local bookstore to do a live Storytime and promotion

Libations for the Spirit:

Local Distillery, brewery, liquor stores, and bars could do live mixology classes and promotions.

Yoga Class or Virtual Workout Session

10-30 min video to promote ways to destress.


Partner with a local musician to promote your business during the day-long virtual event. MAMSA has a list of possible musicians who have performed Downtown. Musicians could also promote the day's virtual event prior to May 16th as well as promote what they love about Downtown Mount Airy.

Inspirational Talk:

Give a small talk on positive things we can do to destress and take care of our bodies.

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