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Kelly Patrick - Running for President - Being part of MAMSA since 2016 has helped me learn about the organization
and its goals. I would like to continue working towards collaborating with other Service groups and town staff to achieve these goals. I take pride in being part of MAMSA.

Kelly Green - Running for Vice President - I have been an active member of MAMSA for three years; two of which I served
on the Board of Directors. I carefully review all matters brought before the board to ensure we are moving forward within the guidelines of the MAMSA mission and bylaws. I also lead the Organization Team. The Organization team supports
the MAMSA organization in all endeavors.


OPEN - Running for Secretary

Dick Swanson - Running for Treasurer - I have been the treasurer for 14/15 years and have the corporate knowledge and
experience to do the job of treasurer. 

Write-In Voters may write in a person’s name. Each write-in will count as one vote against the four allowed for each voter.

 Mount Airy Main Street Association Election 2020 Results 
Board of Directors 
& Executive Committee

Board of Directors: There are four seats open on the Mount Airy Main Street Association (MAMSA) Board of Directors. The following names were submitted as nominees to fill those slots. The following provides you with an overview of the nominees and their statements to prepare for the MAMSA Board of Directors election at the June 2020 meeting. Any candidate must have at least six months active MAMSA membership. 

Deborah M Franks-Earls: My family moved to Mt. Airy in 1976. I served in the Mt. Airy Jaycees in various positions. I work on Main Street, and love to be involved in events and activities that will help with the growth and support of our local businesses. I am a people person. I also believe my skills in workflow optimization, process improvement and data analysis would be a good asset for the organization. I am currently on the MAMSA membership committee.

Wayne Evans:  Have been an active member of MAMSA for many years. I served as Vice President for the last two years and sat on the Board of Directors for several years.

Erin Matthews (Mount Airy Commons): I would bring the perspective of a Main Street business to the board. It is important to me that MAMSA represent the interests of the retail and restaurant community, as well as that of the residents of Mt. Airy.


Diane Kronmeyer: I have been a sole proprietor business owner and resident in Mount Airy for 22 years. For the past year, one of my businesses has been located within Mount Airy Commons on Main Street. I've volunteered for Celebrate Mount Airy, have created marketing material for several events (including MAMSA's first logo), and am an active participant in the community. I would like to help build up a stronger relationship between the town, its residents, and its businesses.


Judy Marks: Have been a member of the board.

Alice Settle-Raskin: I have been an active Board member since July 2018, serving in the following roles: Public Relations Coordinator, Webmaster, member of the Organization Committee and Election/Nominations Committee, and recently appointed to Chair of the Economic Restructuring Committee. I was voted as fifth member of the Executive Committee by the Board. I have taken on special projects including building merchant memberships, the Directory sign as well as a “gateway” sign project to drive people to Downtown Mount Airy and recently involved in the Super Saturday virtual scroll and shop online event. I have been active in the community as the Market Master of the Mount Airy Main Street Farmers’ Market since 2016. My background includes working as a Communications professional in the public, private and nonprofit sectors within housing, economic development and agricultural arenas. I am a 2002 graduate of Hood College with my B.A. in Communications Arts/Public Relations Concentration. 

Write-In Voters may write in a person’s name. Each write-in will count as one vote against the four allowed for each voter.

Board of Directors Slate - vote for four (4)

Board of Directors Election 2020

The votes are in! The Board of Directors Election opened at approximately 7:45 PM on Monday, June 15 and closed at 6:00 PM on Tuesday, June 16. After Electronic Ballots were cast through our Survey Monkey app, the votes were counted.

Board of Directors:

  • Wayne Evans

  • Diane Kronmeyer

  • Erin Matthews

  • Alice Settle-Raskin

Term: 07/01/2020 - 06/30/2022

Executive Committee:

  • President - Kelly Patrick

  • Vice President/Board Member - Kelly Green

  • Secretary - Deborah Franks-Earls

  • Treasurer - Dick Swanson

Term: 07/01/2020 - 06/30/2022

The Mount Airy Main Street Association Election Results announced on Wednesday, June 17, are as follows:

Thanks to everyone who participated in the election! A special thank you Dan Hozhabri and Wendy Rimbey, our election officials!

Executive Committee Slate - vote for four (4)

Executive Committee: There are four seats open on the Mount Airy Main Street Association (MAMSA) Executive Committee. The following names were submitted as nominees to fill those slots. The following provides you with an overview of the nominees and their statements to prepare for the MAMSA Executive Committee election at the June 2020 meeting.

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